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Newsletter: September 21, 2006


Hi!  It's Tom Heck with the latest issue of the e-newsletter you subscribed to.

I'm offering a new TeleSeminar next week entitled Working Solo With Large Groups

Imagine working with a large group all by yourself.

For me the first time my knees shook at the thought of working solo with a large group was when the number reached 30 people.  That may seem small for some but read on because it gets bigger.

This particular group 30 people was from an insurance company and I was the only facilitator for a day of teambuilding.  I don’t know why I said yes to this but I did.  I was absolutely stressed because prior to this, the largest group I had worked with solo was 15 people.

30 people seemed like a HUGE group.  And I did it!

Large_groupI learned lots including new ways to plan and activities that worked and a few that didn’t.

And then one day I said yes to working solo with a group of 45 people.

Eventually I felt comfortable saying yes to working solo with a group of 150 people. Have you ever been face to face with a 150 pairs of eyes looking at you to deliver bang up results for whatever topic. Can you imagine doing so successfully as opposed to using "just think of them in their underwear" tricks?

The fact is it can be easy and incredibly powerful to lead the energy of a large group.

I now lead activities with entire rooms full of people.

Each time I was scared.  And most importantly, each time I stretched and learned. 

Do you work with large groups (or plan to)?  On Wednesday September 27, 2006 I’m going to share the three most important lessons I’ve learned about working with large groups.  Lessons I’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to.  I’m also going to share 3 fun teambuilding games that work great with large groups, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


And as always, there will be time for you to ask questions.

Here are the details:

Title of This Special TeleSeminar:
Working With Large Groups  - - Strategies and games for the solo leader

Time of the Call:

Wednesday September 27 at 1 pm Eastern (New York time zone)
Convert your time here:

What You Get:

  1. 55 minute LIVE TeleSeminar with experienced TeleSeminar leader and Teamwork Coach Tom Heck
  2. Clear and detailed notes on how to lead the teambuilding games.
  3. License to use the teambuilding games with the groups you directly serve.
  4. Recording of the TeleSeminar in mp3 format.
  5. Time with Tom during the Q&A session to get your questions answered. 

Registration Fee: $37


I look forward to seeing you on the call.

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach

PS  Because this TeleSeminar will be recorded, you can benefit from this class even if you can’t participate in person.  After the call is over, all registrants will be sent access codes to the student only area for this class.  You can download the recording and class notes at your leisure.

PPS This "Working with Large Groups" TeleSeminar is just one of several topic specific teambuilding classes now open for registration.  Are you interested in:

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