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Interview: Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey -- Commitment, Relationships, and Teamwork

Shonnie_bruce I recently interviewed marriage vow experts Shonnie Lavender and Bruce Mulkey.

You must be wondering why I would interview marriage vow experts on a website dedicated to all things teamwork.

What could marriage vows possibly have to do with teamwork?

The answer is simple:  COMMITMENT

In their book "I Do!  I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook" Shonnie & Bruce share how to create inspiring marriage vows that will sustain your marriage now and into the future.

A marriage vow is a commitment to the relationship.  But what does it mean when you make a commitment? 

Do you know individuals or teams that struggle with this idea of commitment?  As in, they say they are committed to the relationship or team project but at the first sign of difficulty (or challenge) the commitment is quickly forgotten.

We in America are well practiced at bailing out of our marriage commitments.  Approximately 2.4 million people get married each year and about half of those marriages end in divorce.  Is it any wonder that some of these same people bring this willingness to bail out of commitments with them to the teams they belong to?

To help us explore this idea of commitment, Shonnie & Bruce created a thought provoking "Scale of Commitment" which you'll hear us talk about in the interview.  CLICK HERE to view the Scale of Commitment.

Click on the link below to listen to the 44 minute audio interview (mp3 format)

Download shonnie_lavender_and_bruce_mulkey_sm.mp3


Shonnie Lavender

Thanks for sharing our conversation Tom. Folks are certainly welcome to leave comments on our blog, especially if they have a question about anything we said in the interview. Here's a commitment quote I thought your readers might enjoy.

"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment."
Anthony Robbins

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