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Is The Team You’re Coaching Ready To Evolve?

You might be ready to work with the team but is the team ready to work with you? 

Look for these 6 important qualities to determine if the team is really ready.  If several of these qualities are absent, watch out!  They may not be in a space to do what’s necessary to change.

Here’s what to look for before you agree to work with them:

1. Does The Team Have a Gap?

  • They have a compelling goal that’s bigger than they can immediately accomplish.
  • They believe in the goal.
  • They are able to “stand up and be counted”. 
  • Realize non-linear results are best.

2. Is The Team Naturally Willing?

  • To listen, absorb and respond to the influence of the team coach.
  • To make substantial changes.  To apply themselves.
  • To take intelligent risks.

3. Is The Team Ready?

  • Has the resources, space, time, money and opportunities to actually move quickly on something.
  • Has ideas and wants and is ready to start realizing these.

4. Is There a High “Havingness” Level?

  • The team who is not blocked or who can get unblocked quickly about having and keeping more.
  • The team who won’t sabotage their success (team member self-esteem is strong and healthy).

5.  Can They Work Well With a Team Coach?

  • The team is not egocentric.  Team members grant power and permission to the team coach.
  • Willing to surrender, but not succumb; also willing to say no and make their own decisions.
  • Able to collaborate vs. resist or impress; able to share the credit for success. 

6.  Is The Team Willing To Make Substantial Changes?

  • Sometimes the team coach suggests the team make big, big, big changes.
  • The team needs to make at least some of these changes without fighting the team coach.
  • The team must be willing to reprioritize, placing their integrity first.


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