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Teambuilding Game: How To Network

Imagine a seminar (conference, workshop, etc.).

You want the attendees to get to know each other - - to network with each other.

But you're concerned that people will do the same thing they always do at seminars which is miss out on the amazing opportunities networking presents.

Why do they miss out? 

Perhaps they don't understand the value of networking.

Maybe they don't know how to network. 

The seminar organizers have asked YOU to lead an activity to:

  1. Help people understand the value of networking, and
  2. Teach people what to say when networking

What will you do?

Below is a 45 minute video of Alex Mandossian leading a GREAT activity (live) that really drives home the importance of networking.  He then offers a simple 3 step process to help the group learn what to say when networking at the seminar.




Tom, thanks for sharing this clip! Just what I needed, I'm working on my "elevator speech" this week. Now if I could just figure out what my industry and niche are ....

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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