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The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team by Patrick Lencioni is one of my favorite all-time books on teambuilding and I've found a way to teach the lessons of this fantastic must-read book using hands-on experiential teambuilding games and now I want to share how I do this with you!

If you teach team skills then this resource is for you.

Can you believe Lencioni, a NY Times best selling author, poo-poos teambuilding games?

When I first heard this I said "How could that be?!"

If you’re reading this post then you know teambuilding games are the fastest, easiest way to help people “get it” at a deeper level because we're engaging the mind AND the heart of the participant.

Could it be that Lencioni has never experienced the effective INTEGRATION of an experiential learning exercise (teambuilding game) into a team development workshop.  After all, many inexperienced trainers will lead teambuilding games in a disjointed and ultimately ineffective way. 

Keep reading if you love the book AND teambuilding games...

Using the recording below plus the detailed class notes, you can learn how to teach the principles of the Five Dysfunctions book in a fun and engaging way using the power of teambuilding exercises.    

I love Lencioni’s book because the five principles he offers up provide a wonderful framework upon which to build a powerful teambuilding program. In case you haven't read this book, the five "dysfunctions" of a team are:

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results

My personal favorite from this list is Absence of Trust.  Can you guess why?

Which one strikes a chord with you?  Which one is the pivotal dysfunction in your mind?

I have advised many a Teamwork Facilitators to use the book as the framework for their team training event.

But Lencioni in all his wisdom offers no experiential learning activities to drive home the lessons of his book.

In this interactive 80-minute TeleSeminar led by IATF President Tom Heck you'll learn 5 teambuilding activities that will help you bring the material in this fantastic book alive and drive the lessons home in a memorable way.

Tom goes through each of the 5 Dysfunctions step-by-step giving you his personal interpretation of this important work. 

This is your chance to learn a simple way of combining great content from the book and great activities to make the training memorable and fun.

Even if you haven't read the book yet, you will still benefit from this recording.   

When you purchase the recording of this TeleSeminar we'll also provide you with all the class notes and even step-by-step lead-it-yourself directions for the teambuilding games.

This is the TeleSeminar recording to get if you love the Five Dysfunctions of a Team material and want to teach the lessons in a way that's fun and engaging (for you and the participants). 

Who is this product for? 

Trainers, facilitators, coaches, educators

What you get

Immediate access to a "Student Only Area" where you'll find:

  • Recording of the 80 minute live TeleSeminar in mp3 format
  • Class notes
  • Printable, lead-it-yourself directions for the teambuilding games
  • Video clips of the games

Purchase Now for $79

NOTE:  This program no longer for sale.  It is only available as a free benefit to members of the International Association of Temwork Facilitators.  Become a member HERE.


Sylvia Goodeve

I agree with you, Tom, that Trust is a key component in teamwork. Without trust among team members, the team has a shaky foundation.

As I wrote recently in my post "Tough Calls" an issue with one team member can affect the performance of the whole team.

Thanks for sharing this resource and 5 key success factors to great teams!


Jaana Juntila

I also agree that Trust is the most important function/dysfuntion of a team. I am currently working on a fairly large teambuilding project that will take place over six months and involves several departments within the company. Lencioni's Model has been the base framework of the series and I think it is the best way to build a well-functioning, highly effective team.


I agrre with you that games and activities are certainly the fastest way of getting people to understand the point. We do alsorts of experiential learning including cooking, music and drama. All participants say that they have found it helpful.


I'm really happy my manager has seen this. Our staff team has had a good debate on the Fear of Conflict and I'm looking forward to the other themes...

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