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TeleSeminar: Manager As Coach -- Learn the Number One Skill Needed to Build and Lead High Performing Teams

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In a recent survey of Fortune 500 CEO's, the number one issue facing these leaders is "the creation of a team based culture."

So how do you create a team based culture?

“My way or the highway” is not the answer.  It may have worked in the past but it sure won’t work today. 

People don’t respond to force anymore. 

Well, actually, that’s not true.  They do respond. 

By leaving.

And what team can afford that?  What team has time and energy to waste in today's economy?

Managers must learn a new way of leading people.

I’ll bet most of the companies that are in life-or-death battles got into that kind of trouble because they didn’t pay enough attention to developing their leaders.
   -- Wayne Calloway, Chairman, Pepsico Inc.

Management 2.0 has arrived and it’s called “The Coach Approach”.

The most effective managers today use the coach approach to build high performing teams because it’s the most effective way to leverage the strengths of the team to achieve world-class business results.

Coaching is the next generation of management leadership.

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.
  -- Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

Today’s managers must focus on developing practices, attitudes and values that energize people and their organizations.

Today’s managers must evolve. They must make the shift from “traditional manager” to the “coach manager” if they are to succeed.

What distinguishes a Coach Manager?

To become a Coach Manager you must make a shift - - away from the traditional authoritative model of leading to a model based on abundance and personal responsibility.

“Shift?  What do you mean shift?”

Here are three of the 67 shifts to make when becoming a Coach Manager:

OLD WAY:  Managing merely for results
NEW WAY: Developing the strengths of the employee

OLD WAY:  “You report to me”
NEW WAY: “Tell me how I can help”

OLD WAY: Babysitting the employees’ smallness
NEW WAY: Challenging the employee to be great

We’ve done lots of research over the past three years, and we’ve found that leaders who have the best coaching skills have better business results.
  -- Tanya Clemens, V.P. of Global Executive & Organizational Development at IBM

Click on the link below to download 31 of the shifts

Download Shifts_1.pdf

In this interactive TeleSeminar we will explore the shifts in context to the “Ten Pillars” of a Coach Manager:

  1. Personal Balance
  2. Quality Work
  3. High Productivity
  4. Initiative
  5. Self-Management
  6. Managing Up
  7. Communication
  8. Teamwork
  9. Healthy Boundaries
  10. Career Path

You will learn strategies for developing and strengthening each pillar.

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When you make the shift to a Coach Manager you will:

Become a model for others, not just an expert manager

  • Have a life that is full and rewarding
  • Set high standards
  • Enforce extensive boundaries early rather than take corrective action later

Create problem free zones versus being an expert problem solver

  • Tolerate zero problems
  • Expect staff to get so far “ahead” (with a reserve) that problems are rare.
  • Get juice from effortlessness versus overcoming challenges, victory, squeaking by, etc.

Have more than you need

  • Have every tool, piece of equipment, system, skill and knowledge you need to easily produce.
  • Are always ahead on quotas, deadlines, projects
  • Have room or space during the day to get and stay ahead versus putting out fires or running on adrenaline

Have the agreement from staff to coach them

  • Working with staff that permit and enjoy manager coaching them deeply and not take it personally
  • Everyone on the team coaches each other to be their best
  • Adapt your style to the behavioral style of each staff person, yet isn’t wishy-washy either.

Become accomplishment, win-win-oriented versus merely results-oriented

  • Don’t manage department or people as if it is all a battle or risk to lose, but rather, a game to play
  • Enjoy helping staff grow; invest in the employees for short and long-term

Focus on excellence and know the present is perfect

  • When the game is big enough and attractive enough, staff rallies and the best comes out.
  • The pride that comes from doing great work as a team “attracts” larger results.
  • Have the quality of the work experience be the daily win, not just a “victory campaign”.

Here are the details:

Title of This Special TeleSeminar Series

  • Manager as Coach  - - Learn the number one skill needed to build and lead successful teams

Call Schedule:

  • LIVE version:  One 60-minute call each week for four weeks
  • RECORDED version: Instant access now to four 60-minute recordings of a previous class plus accesss to all class materials


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I look forward to seeing you on the call.

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