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Does God Want You (or Your Team) to be Rich or Poor?

In a recent post on his blog, James Ray asks "Does God Want You to be Rich or Poor?

This got me thinking...

Does God want your team to be rich or poor?  To prosper or be impoverished?

Like James Ray, I believe the answer to this question is ... BOTH.


How could this be the answer? 

God wants whatever you (and your team) want.

You and your team are creating your experience. 

You create your experience by what you habitually focus on.

What you habitually focus on is what God wants for you.

James Ray explains...

Quantum physics proves that we create and attract whatever is the focus of our attention. If you focus your energy and attention on poverty and make it righteous, that's how it is in your world. Conversely, if you focus your energy and attention on prosperity, more of that energy will flow to you.

A team's focus and attention is - primarily - determined by the questions they ask themselves on a habitual basis. 

For example, when the team encounters a major challenge and then habitually asks disempowering questions like:

"Why does this always happen to us?"
"Whose fault is this?"
"How are we going to survive this?"

Then the team will find itself creating MORE of these types of experiences.

Conversely, if the team chose to focus their attention on the positive by asking questions like:

"Where is the opportunity in this situation?"
"What can we learn from this?"
"How can we use this to grow stronger as a team?"

Then, because the team's focus is on their desired outcome (opportunity, continuous learning, team strength) they will attract MORE of that.

God (Spirit, Universe, etc.) wants for us what we want for ourselves.

This Universal Law is often referred to as the "Law of Attraction".  You can learn about this law in the movie entitled "The Secret".  Also, Dr. Joe Vitale writes about this law in his book entitled "The Attractor Factor" (CLICK HERE to listen to the audio interview with Dr. Vitale).

So the question I have for you is...

What experience is your team creating?


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