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Teams In Trouble: The Team As Victim – How To Help A Team Get Unstuck And Reclaim It’s Power

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The manager was at her wits end. 

The team was clearly stuck.

Everyone was frustrated. 

But what was the source of all this trouble?  The manager was unable (or unwilling) to say. 

Had I met with team members in advance I would have quickly realized the problem.  But I was young and didn’t think to meet with some of the key team members.

Fast forward to game day.

The team walks in the room.

You could hear it right off.

They were using the language of the victim.

At first I thought it was just the “normal” resistance to training. I was wrong.  This group was so wrapped up in their victim mentality they couldn’t see what was happening to them.

When we launched into the first big challenging exercise of the day the group practically attacked me.  It was what I wanted.  Having intuited what was going on with the group, I deliberately put myself in a position of authority during the activity and the group let their anger fly. 

That one activity became the launching pad for an amazing discussion that helped them take a look (a scary look) at what they had become. For the first time they realized how deeply they had adopted the role of victim, individually and as a team.

On Wednesday December 13, 2006 at 3 pm EST my colleague Michael Goldman of and I will share strategies and techniques we’ve successfully used to help teams release themselves from the oppression of victim mentality and reclaim it's power.

At the end of the call Michael and I will provide you with detailed written instructions so you’re ready to begin assisting the teams you serve.

This is an exciting collaboration between Michael and myself as we bring you the best of both worlds:  teambuilding games and facilitation skills.

Here are the details:

Title of This Special TeleForum:

Teams In Trouble # 11: The Team As Victim – How To Help A Team Get Unstuck And Reclaim It’s Power

Time of the Call:

Wednesday December 13, 2006 at 3 pm EST (New York City time zone)

What You Get:

  1. 75 minute LIVE TeleSeminar with experienced leaders Michael Goldman and Tom Heck.
  2. Clear and detailed notes on how to lead the teambuilding game and the facilitation process. 
  3. License to use the teambuilding game and facilitation process with the groups you directly serve. 
  4. Recording of the TeleSeminar in mp3 format.
  5. Save $25 (a 50% discount) on Teams In Trouble Vol. 1 multimedia training CD.  Discount only available to those who register. This CD contains recordings and class notes from FIVE Teams In Trouble TeleSeminars.
  6. Time with Michael and Tom during the Q&A session.  This is your time to ask questions about how to apply the lesson with your team.  A Q&A session like this normally costs $600/hour

Cost to you: $37

Register Here

CLICK HERE to register.  Registration closed.


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