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Audio Interview with Laurie Beth Jones on Spirituality and Teamwork

00126_orginal Laurie Beth Jones is the author of many best selling books that teach how to effectively blend our spiritual life with our life as leaders and team members.

I was introduced to Laurie Beth's while working as a faculty level trainer for the YMCA of the USA in the mid 90's.  Her first book was entitled "Jesus, CEO - Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership" and I was handed a copy by a workshop attendee and then I promptly placed the book on my book shelf (unread).  When I finally got around to reading it I enjoyed it.  This led me to Laurie Beth's second book entitled "The Path - Creating Your Mission Statement For Work And For Life". 

I enjoyed The Path so much that I became a nationally certified facilitator of the program and even appeared along side Laurie Beth in a nationally distributed video based home-study course. 

In this audio interview, Laurie Beth Jones shares insights on spirituality, leadership, and working with teams.

Click on the link below to listen to the 30 minute audio interview.

Download laurie_beth_jones_mp3.mp3

Note:  The first minute or so of the interview is a little garbled. 


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