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Audio Interview: Randy Siegel on Communication Styles and How They Impact Teamwork

Randy_siegel Since ancient times, man has attempted to categorize the different personality styles.  In this interview with Randy Siegel, we focus on understanding personality styles relative to communication. 

Teams that communicate better are more successful.  This is obvious.  The problem is that most systems for understanding communication styles are too complex to easily use in a real, everyday (team)work environment.

Randy Siegel presents an easy to use communication model that helps teams become stronger, more creative, and more competitive.

Randy is a specialist in professional development, self-branding, communications training and executive positioning.  He is the author of High Voltage Communications -- Electrify Your Career and Transform Your Life.  His articles have appeared in Integrated Marketing, PR Journal, PR News, Washington Post, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

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During the interview Randy mentions a free downloadable handout describing the details of his communication styles system.  CLICK HERE to download this 9 page document.


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