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Distinctions: Three-Dimensional vs. Linear

What is the difference between a consultant who works with teams and a teamwork coach?

Consultants are linear.  They deal with information and step-by-step approaches to solving problems or creating opportunities. 

A teamwork coach does that and adds one more element, and that third-dimensional element is this: the teamwork coach develops the individual players on a personal level. 

A computer analogy: 

  • The team consultant arrives with a new piece of software to install.
  • The teamwork coach installs a new processor and upgrades the operating system so the computer runs faster and with greater efficiency. 

The teamwork coach understands that winning is not just about what the team members do or what they want.  A teamwork coach helps develop who the person is - - their values, standards, boundaries, legacy, etc.

Because the teamwork coach helps the players in a three dimensional way, the results achieved are often remarkable when compared to the linear approach of the team consultant.


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