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Joe Vitale on How To Get From Where You Are To Where To Where You Want To Be -- A lesson for individuals and teams

How does a team get from where they are to where they want to be?

How does a team make the shift from good to great?

Dr. Joe Vitale says

The secret to getting what you want is to totally appreciate this moment. When you are grateful for this moment, then whatever is next for you will bubble up out of this moment. You'll be inspired to take action of some sort.

Vitale says his favorite line these days is

"I'm totally satisfied, I just want more."

The key to success (individual or team) is to want more without NEEDING more.

Read Joe's entire post on this subject HERE.  It's worth your time.

I interviewed Joe Vitale in November 2006 about his book The Attractor Factor.  Listen to the audio interview with Joe Vitale HERE


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