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Teambuilding Game: Human Knot

I consider the Human Knot teamwork activity to be a "classic".  It's quick and easy to set up and requires the participation of the entire group.

In the version you'll see in the video clip below the participants are using bandanas (small pieces of cloth) to create the link between team members.  I like using the bandanas because participants can maintain a connection while twisting and moving about to solve the knot.  You can lead the game without bandanas and have everyone hold hands, just make sure people know that it's OK to release your grip if a person's hand or arm becomes uncomfortably twisted. 

This is a great exercise even if someone's done it before.

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Erin Blaskie

Hi Tom!

As an avid reader of your blog and an avid watcher of "What About Brian", I thought it might be interesting for you to know that they featured "The Human Knot" on their show tonight! Perfect timing for your blog entry! :)


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