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Audio Interivew: Dr. Paul Pearsall speaks on the essential nature of stress, how to leverage it as a leader and as a team

True or False: Stress is good for you.

Conventional wisdom insists that the statement is false, that stress is a thief robbing us (and our team) of our joy and creativity (and money!).

But for centuries, poets and philosophers have celebrated the ups and downs of life as the very essence of living, the spice that enables us to taste life fully.

So who's right?

Images Dr. Paul Pearsall, author of several New York Times bestselling books (including one of my favorites entitled "The Heart's Code") stress is not the problem.  Rather, it is our negative reaction to stress that does the damage.

Pearsall says that rather than shrinking from adversity, we must become engaged by it--and thrive through it--before we can savor all the sweetness life (and teamwork) has to offer.

Listen to this 20 minute audio interview as famed clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Pearsall shares how you can use stress to live a more fulfilling life as a leader of teams.  Click on the link below to listen to the mp3 file.

Download dr. Paul Pearsall mp3.mp3


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