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Audio Interview: Dr. Laurence Martel, author of "The 7 Secrets of Learning Revealed"

One of my great joys is having the opportunity to meet and spend time with wonderful, brilliant, and generous people.  This describes Dr. Laurence Martel who authored "The Seven Secrets Of Learning Revealed  -- What Your Teacher Never Taught You, Because Your Teacher Never Knew".

Dr_laurence_martel I met Dr. Martel at the Anthony Robbins Foundation "Discovery Camp" program in the summer of 2001.  Our job was to train the 100 teachers enrolled in the program.  We were brought back again to work with the teachers at Discovery Camp 2003. 

Dr. Martel has helped thousands of educators learn how to teach more effectively and always with more fun.  It was an honor to work with Dr. Martel on several school staff training projects.

I am sad to report that Dr. Martel passed away on January 7, 2007 from heart complications.  I will miss his joyful spirit.

I am happy to report that I had the great fortune of interviewing Dr. Martel about his book The Seven Secrets of Learning Revealed.  In this interview Dr. Martel reveals his seven key concepts for creating a dynamic learning environment.

  Click on the following link to listen to the 57 minute interview I did with Dr. Martel in December of 2004. 

Dr. Laurence Martel MP3 lg 2



Quincy M Martel

can you send me this audio interview... it's is much appreciated. I so miss my father and his wisdom...and would love to head his voice again. thank you... Quincy Martel.


Hi Quincy - I just updated the post so you can access the audio file immediately on the post (logging in not required). You should also be able to easily download the audio file from this blog post. Let me know if this works for you. ~ Tom

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