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TeleSeminar: 7 Ways To Enlighten Your Team

How do you enlighten your team?


Is it our job as Teamwork Facilitators to “enlighten” a team?

My answer is an emphatic YES!

Let’s take a look at the word…

The dictionary defines enlighten as “to give intellectual or spiritual light to”.

HOW, especially in a corporate/business setting, can you enlighten a team in a PRACTICAL way?  A way that helps shift the energy of the team so they can play at the highest level -- a level that is fun, creative, productive, and sustainable.

There are 7 distinct strategies you can use to enlighten your team. 

  1. Identifying Subtle Differences
  2. Deliver Messages
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Share Principles & Concepts
  5. Correct Assumptions & Beliefs
  6. Share All Of What You See And Feel
  7. Give Answers, Perspective & Advice

In this interactive TeleSeminar I share 3 points for each of the 7 strategies. 

I use these same strategies with the teams I serve in an effort to help the teams become more effective, productive and (ultimately) more joyful.

CLICK HERE to download the 90 minute audio and class notes.

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