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Trebuchet Golf Ball Launcher -- teambuilding fun

I've been fascinated by catapults ever since I was a little kid.  Word must have gotten out because I received a trebuchet kit as a Christmas (2006) gift.  I built the kit with my seven year old son between Christmas and New Years.

I put together a little video to show you my trebuchet (see below).  That's me (the adult) in the video.

This device is actually a "floating arm trebuchet" and it can launch a golf ball over 100 yards with 15 pounds of counter weight.  How cool is that?!

And there MUST be a way to turn this into a teambuilding game.  Any ideas?

Oh, and if you're wondering, my trebuchet kit came from the folks at  The kit was easy and fun to make.



Graham Lind

We've been using a variety of Trebuchet's and other Giant Catapults for a number of years. The basics are kept very basic i.e broomstcks (sometimes pre-drilled) baling twine, 2lt soda bottles (plastic) and not much else besides scisssors and ingenuity. For catapults we add lengths of surgical tubing - the missiles are variable but in great outdoor weather can include water balloons to hurl at other teams which are confined to their bases (machines) Rules vary according to time available and educational team outcomes required - Fun, Simple and effective. Graham Lind, Adventure Educators, South Africa [email protected]

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