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Audio Interview with Teambuilding Games Expert Chris Cavert about his new book "The More The Merrier -- Lead Playful Activities With Large Groups"

Chris_cavert_2 A new book is out and you need to know about it.  It's entitled "The More The Merrier - Lead Playful Activities WIth Large Groups" and it's written by three of the top leaders in teambuilding games and experiential learning - - Sam Sikes, Faith Evans, and Chris Cavert.

The More The Merrier is 422 pages long (8.5 x 11 inches) and contains so much valuable information for group leaders that I consider it a MUST HAVE. 

"The More The Merrier" is the bible for large group game leaders.  Not surprisingly, you'll find over 100 teambuilding games that you can lead with large groups.  What IS a surprise is the team theory that you'll find at the beginning of the book.  The theory section of the book is so well written and thorough  that the authors could have made a book out of that information alone.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Cavert about the book (that's Chris in the photo).  We discuss such topics as: Programming Techniques For Large Groups, Large Group Processing Strategies, "The Dilemma of Voice", and  several other cool big group gaming ideas.

CLICK HERE to download the recording of this interview.

The recording of this interview is archived in the IATF Member Only Area HERE.

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