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Audio Interview with Michael Herman -- Open Space Technology Expert shares how you can transform teams

It's been called meeting methodology, organization transformation, intentional self-organization and surfing the chaos.

Since Harrison Owen described it, more than 20 years ago, it has enabled all kinds of people, in every kind of organization and community, to create inspired meetings and events - and to post phenomenal business results.

It's called Open Space Technology and it can create inspired organizations where ordinary people work together to create extraordinary results with regularity.

Mherman_photo1 Michael Herman is a world renown expert in Open Space Technology and in this audio interview you'll learn how Michael uses this powerful approach to help  teams:

  • Resolve important or difficult issues and get the work flow back on track.
  • Rally people and resources around new opportunities, or into new situations.
  • Move strategic projects forward with broad, cross-functional wisdom and support.
  • Re-energize everyone's contribution to achieving strategic objectives and realizing most desireable futures.
  • Channel the power of existing, organic systems into fast, effective results.

Here's a true story of Open Space Technology in action:

Rockport Shoes held a 3-day, 300-person company-wide strategy conference in one of their warehouses and stumbled onto a cople of brand new product lines that netted $18 million in their first year of sales.  The idea came from the security guard and made the previously skeptical CFO very happy.

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