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Experiential Activities for Speakers -- How to engage your audience like never before

On April 18, 2007 I was a virtual guest speaker on the Coach University Special Interest Group (SIG) monthly meeting of professional speakers.  I was a "virtual" guest speaker because this group meets virtually using telephone conference technology that enables people from around the world to learn together in a live and interactive format.

I was asked to share experiential learning activities that would help speakers engage their audiences like never before.

I recorded the call and you can hear it now (link below).

I started off the call with a true story about how I was asked to deliver the opening message at a regional conference of the Association of Experiential Education.  The event planners wanted me to help conferees EXPERIENCE the power of coming together as community.  I share how I used a simple to lead teambuilding game that had the entire conference on their feet, sharing ideas, and working together as a team.

I also share how I worked with a professional trainer in need of an activity for his next multi-day workshop for auto mechanics.  He wanted an experiential exercise that would grab the attention of this group of men.  The activity had to set the tone for the entire workshop and act as a launching pad for all the content that followed. 

Towards the end of the call you'll hear me do some one-on-one coaching with one of the conference call participants who was looking for an activity she could lead in her next workshop.  She wanted an activity that was quick and easy to lead (no props) and really drove home the importance of how we look at things (perspective).

CLICK HERE to listen to this audio recording  You'll be taken to a password protected "Members Only Area".  Membership is free with your subscription to the free e-newsletter. 

Details about the Members Only Area HERE.

Would you like me to be a virtual guest speaker for your group?  Contact me.


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