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TeleSeminar – Raise Your Team Standards

Raising Team Standards - - it’s the topic we danced around during the last TeleSeminar on “Extending Team Boundaries”.

True Story:

As soon as the class on Boundaries was over I received this email from a teamwork facilitator dealing with what seemed like a boundary issue (it wasn’t).  The facilitator writes:

…some of the staff perceive they can set their own boundaries regarding the work they can do/should do and threaten  grievances if those boundaries are crossed.  For instance - "Jill" might decide she doesn't want to participate in a meeting, so calls in "sick" on that day, or any other day when she doesn't want to do something.

This is NOT a Boundary issue.

This IS an issue of personal STANDARDS.


“Personal Standards” refer to the behavior and actions to which you are willing to hold yourself accountable. Simply put, your standards are how you’ve chosen to behave.

The staff person mentioned above has placed their entire focus on Boundaries and completely ignored raising their personal standards.

What will the team experience when team members raise their personal Standards?

  • Stuff you don’t want stops coming your way
  • The soul of the team reveals itself
  • You put up with less (and do so without efforting)

FACT: A team can only produce quality goods and services in a sustainable way when team members have high personal Standards.

In this live (recorded live) and interactive TeleSeminar we explored personal standards and their effect on the team.

  • What are your current standards?
  • Are they high enough?  Too high?
  • How high should your standards go?
  • What is the risk of setting high standards?  Low standards?
  • What is the relationship between standards and “Tolerations”?

This program is for: Team Leaders, Coaches, Facilitators, Trainers, Managers


CLICK HERE to purchase the recording, class notes and resources $79

NOTE:  The recording, class notes and resources are FREE to IATF members and are archived in the IATF Members Only Area HERE.



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