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Teamwork Ideas Newsletter: April 2, 2007

Tomheck100It's Tom Heck with your April 2, 2007 edition of the e-newsletter.

For the past three weeks I've been leading a Manager As Coach TeleSeminar series for a company based out of India.  This team I'm working with is spread out all across the US and several of the participants are calling in from India.  To get this group together for a live-and-in-person (in one location) training session would be difficult and expensive.  However, through the weekly TeleSeminar training format, participants get to learn in short 60 minute chunks and then have the chance to think about and apply what they're learning in between classes.  And I'm available to the team via email and phone all week.  We live in an amazing time!  Consider enrolling your team in my latest TeleSeminar on Integrity.

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach

New TeleSeminar:  Restore Your (Team) Integrity

I just Googled the phrase “integrity and teamwork” (with the quotes) and there were 22,600 pages found!  I find that amazing.  But maybe I shouldn’t. After all, individual and team integrity is crucial to experiencing long-term success. I'm leading a TeleSeminar on Thursday April 5 where I'll share how to restore your integrity (personally and as a team) and reap the benefits.  CLICK HERE for details

New Teambuilding Games

New Audio Interview

Dr_laurence_martel_2 Dr. Laurence Martel is the author of "The 7 Secrets of Learning Revealed" and is a master trainer.  Dr. Martel passed away earlier this year however you can benefit from his amazing strategies through this interview.  CLICK HERE

New Teamwork T-Shirt

Tshirt_blue_2 Are you looking for a way to communicate the benefits of teamwork in a fun and unique way? Take a look at our NEW t-shirt design.  These shirts are hot off the printing press and ready to ship.  CLICK HERE

Join My Team

I'm building a team and I'm wondering if you are a fit for my team.  Do you enjoy helping others?  Are you a natural coach and teacher?  Do you love building strong teams?  Are you coachable and enjoy working on a team?  CLICK HERE to learn about this opportunity.

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