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Sale! Amazing Deal on Teamwork Resources!

Only 6 days left!

I'll send you the following teambuilding training resources for FREE when you buy my popular 3-CD training set:

FREE copy of Teambuilding Puzzles – my 300-page paperback teambuilding games book ($29 value)

FREE set of Teams In Trouble Volumes 1 & 2 multimedia training CD program ($158 value)

That's $187 worth of our most valuable resources - FREE for a limited time with your purchase.


Tom, give me the full scoop!

Tomheck100 Hi I'm Tom Heck, creator of TeachMeTeamwork.com.  Through this site I help thousands of people everyday in 101+ countries learn strategies, tactics, and tools that help them take their team from good to great. 

By far, the number one tool requested by teamwork coaches, facilitators, and trainers is lead-it-yourself teambuilding games.  And it’s no wonder!  Teambuilding games help people “get it."

Now you can own the most requested TeachMeTeamwork.com training tool we’ve ever created - - - it’s a virtual train-the-trainer workshop in a 3-CD set filled with over 100 teambuilding games and formatted to teach you fast and easy using video clips, color photos, and printable directions.  All at your fingertips, ready to use whenever and wherever you are.

Why own the CDs?

  • Archive – You can feel secure knowing the TeachMeTeamwork teambuilding games training materials are on your shelf ready to access and learn from at any point in the future.
  • Convenience – Access the teambuilding games information you’re looking for right now (complete with video clips) without needing an internet connection or passwords.
  • Ease of Use – The TeachMeTeamwork CDs user interface was professionally designed with ease of use in mind.  Works on virtually any computer (PC or Mac).
  • Value – If you’ve ever thought about purchasing this 3-CD set, now is the time because you will receive lots of free bonus material.

Order Now - only $119


International CLICK HERE
NOTE:  India, Southeast Asia, Middle East -- EMAIL for quote

Each of the 3 CDs has a training theme to help you find the perfect teambuilding game quickly and easily ...

CD # 1 – Teambuilding Games 101

Cd1sm On this CD you'll find 33 activities you can lead now with little or no advanced preparation.  If “props” are required to lead an activity, they’ll be easy to find at local stores and will require little, if any, preparation time.  There are games for big and small groups, cerebral and physical challenges, and activities lasting from 5 to 55 minutes.

CD # 2 – Teambuilding Games Advanced

Cd2sm_1_2 Team Building Games ADVANCED contains 31 experiential learning exercises that use distinctive props, which you can easily make yourself using the detailed instructions provided (or purchase the pre-made props).

This one-of-a-kind multimedia CD will help your group explore teamwork in new and exciting ways. Most of these activities are for groups of 10-20 people, though a few may be played with larger groups (50 or more).

Every activity is designed to creatively engage participants and provide openings for important discussions that will help your group become a high performing team.

CD # 3 – Teambuilding Games Icebreakers and Fun

Cd3sm Team Building Games - Icebreakers & Fun is filled with 40 activities to get your group laughing and having fun together.

You’ll find games that are fast and active, slow and calm, get to know you, puzzles, fun debrief tools, and more.

Some games can be played with small groups and others with large groups and all have been tested with a wide range of ages (adult, college and school age) and diverse populations (business, education, camps, sports, clubs, etc.)

TeachMeTeamwork multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now

Order Now - only $119


International CLICK HERE
NOTE:  India, Southeast Asia, Middle East -- EMAIL for quote

OK Tom.  Tell me about those bonuses!

Bonus # 1  ($29 value)
300 Page Paperback Book:  Teambuilding Puzzles

Teampuzzles This book contains 100 Puzzles and Activities for Creating Teachable Moments in Creative Problem Solving, Consensus Building, Leadership, Exploring Diversity, Group Decision Making, Goal Setting, Active Learning, Communication, and Teamwork
I’ve sold over 1100 copies of this book to very satisfied customers.  One customer from Taiwan emailed me and said I should be charging $129 rather than $29 for this book (it’s that valuable!). 

NOTICE:  I have a limited supply of this book.  Only the first 216 people who order are guaranteed a copy of this book.  When the books are depleted, I’ll remove this bonus from the offer (if you’re reading this, it’s still available).


Bonus # 2 ($158 value)
Two Multimedia Training CDs:  Teams In Trouble Vol. 1 & 2

Teams_in_trouble_cds This multi-media training CD set is the result of two years of collaborative efforts between Master Facilitator Michael Goldman of FacilitationFirst.com and Teamwork Coach Tom Heck of TeachMeTeamwork.com.

This unique set contains ten hours of training delivered live via telephone conference. Michael and Tom share the actual strategies and tools they used to help ten different teams consciously address the huge challenge they were facing and gracefully evolve through it.

Now, with this 2-CD set, you can listen to all ten “Teams In Trouble” scenarios and print out the facilitation and team building resources used by Michael and Tom during the team interventions. 

Michael Goldman and Tom Heck have 50 years of combined experience working with teams in trouble. The solutions offered in this series have been tested and refined with a wide variety of groups. 

Each multimedia training CD is normally sold for $79 each.

Volume 1 Topics:

1. Mutiny In A Restaurant – Creating The Shift To Possibility Thinking
2. Getting Unstuck From Lose-Lose Thinking
3. Lies, Threats, and Accusations – How To Handle A Facilitation Crisis
4. Shutting Up Or Speaking Out – How To Develop Trust
5. A Communication Breakdown

Volume 2 Topics:

6. Strategies For Consensus – How To Avoid False Agreements
7. Passing The Buck – How To Escape The Endless Loop
8. Walls And Bridges – How To Facilitate A Mediation Between Adversaries
9. Stop Team Member Domination and Unleash The Power of Teamwork
10. Running Virtual Team Meetings – Tools, Tips, and Techniques

Order Now - only $119


International CLICK HERE
NOTE:  India, Southeast Asia, Middle East -- EMAIL for quote

But Wait!  That’s not all!

Order by Friday, April 27, 2007 and you'll receive full and immediate access to the TeachMeTeamwork.com Online Digital Training Library containing 8 programs worth $296.

Here's a list of what’s included in the Online Digital Training Library:

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Teambuilding Games That Bring This Must-Read Material to Life. ($37 value)

  • Learn how to lead teambuilding games that support the lessons found in the NY Times best seller entitled “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”.
  • 92 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • PDF downloads of all the teambuilding game directions
  • Video Clips of all the teambuilding games

Unleash Your Ears – Listening to Discern What’s Really Going On With A Team ($37 value)

  • Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a crackerjack leader of teams and one who drags?  Here’s your answer.
  • 73 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • Class handouts in downloadable PDF format
  • Video Clips of the teambuilding games

Zapping Tolerations – Stop The Energy Leaks So You And Your Team Can Be More Productive And Happier ($37 value)

  • Tolerations keep you (and your team) from achieving your goals and they drive people crazy.  Unless you find a way to deal with them, the tolerations your team deals with will literally cause it to dissolve.
  • 81 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • Class handouts in downloadable PDF format

Running Virtual Team Meetings ($37 value)

  • You can overcome feeling like you're "running through tar" with a virtual team.  I'll teach you how. "This is the best TeleSeminar I've attended in six years!"
  • 92 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • Class handouts in downloadable PDF format

Working Solo With Large Groups – Strategies And Games For The Solo Leader ($37 value)

  • Imagine working with a large group (100 people) all by yourself. Now imagine the group fully engaged in a fantastic experiential learning exercise that transforms the energy of the training event.
  • 98 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • PDF downloads of all the teambuilding game directions
  • Video Clips of the teambuilding games

The Team As Victim – How To Help A Team Get Unstuck And Reclaim It’s Power ($37 value)

  • Working with an individual whose adopted the victim mentality can be a challenge.  Working with a team whose adopted the victim mentality can be overwhelming.  Here’s a real life situation and the tools and techniques used to turn things around.
  • 78 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • PDF downloads of the facilitation process and the game directions.
  • Video Clip of the teambuilding game

How I Built A Community of 25,000 -- Lessons From the World of Online Community Building ($37 value)

  • Learn the four key strategies I’ve used to build an e-newsletter subscriber base of over 25,000 people.  You can do this to and reach more people to bring about positive change in the world.
  • 80 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar.
  • Student Only Area has the class notes, tools I use, links to articles, and more

Restore Your Team Integrity ($37 value)

  • Learn what integrity really is and how it impacts teams and individuals.  Then learn how to address the charged issue of team integrity using a simple three-part formula.
  • 90 minute recording of a live TeleSeminar
  • Student Only Area has the class notes and additional resources.

Add all the free bonuses up and you get $483 in free product when you place your order today.

Order Now - only $119


International CLICK HERE
NOTE:  India, Southeast Asia, Middle East -- EMAIL for quote

This offer marks the most comprehensive teambuilding games training package I've ever offered.  My goal with this offer is to give you FOUR TIMES the value of your investment -- if you add all these figures, you'll see that I've exceeded that.

This spring special offer expires on May 15, 2007 and some of the bonuses will disappear before then.  If you've ever thought about purchasing the TeachMeTeamwork.com multimedia training CDs, NOW is the time.

I look forward to supporting your good work.

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach
[email protected]
Phone:  (828) 665-0303 

P.S.  I couldn't help myself!  Here's one more free bonus worth $14

“Quotes for the Enlightened Team Leader” e-book

  • Have you chosen the path of the enlightened team leader?  If yes, then this e-book is designed to support you as you make the shift in thought and action required of all that travel this higher path.
  • 16 pages and 100+ quotes divided into 3 categories:  Centered, Creative, Trusting
  • Access it immediately online.
  • Order by Friday April 27  to secure this bonus.

P.P.S.  I used to do all the fulfillment of order in-house, but now I'm working with a new super great and super fast fulfillment company. This new company will ship all orders ten times faster and more efficiently then I ever could (they are experts at order fulfillment). This means you'll get your order quickly:  5-7 days for orders shipped to US or Canada and 2-3 weeks for international (international is slower due to your country's customs). 


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