Teamwork Ideas Newsletter: April 2, 2007
Audio Interview with Teambuilding Games Expert Chris Cavert about his new book "The More The Merrier -- Lead Playful Activities With Large Groups"

Teambuilding Exercise: The Maze

The Maze is an teamwork activity that requires the group to move from one end of the mapped out area (a tarp with squares in this case) to the other.

The team is told their is one route through The Maze and they must figure out the path and get everyone through before time runs out.  The route moves from one square to another and their are penalties for stepping on the wrong square.  And to make it extra difficult, verbal communication is not allowed.

It's a great activity filled with rich opportunities for debrief topics.  And its an extra portable game - - always a plus for those who travel.

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nancy Sherfick

I like this game

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