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Team Exercise: Stilts River

Teamwork Exercise: Channels

The Channels teambuilding game requires the team to "transport" marbles from point A to point B.  This is a great team exercise if you want to help a team explore issues of "product delivery" (to the customer, etc.). 

The setup up is critical in that the distance between points A and B must be greater than the combined length of all the "channels" laid end to end.  I try to make the transport distance at least double the length of all channels.  This will require the group to "leap-frog" each other while the marbles are moving.

There are a few other important rules you'll need to follow to make this work (see below). NOTE:  The team in the video is violating a big rule - - can you guess which one?

I used to cut PVC pipe in half length wise to make my channels but now I use a much better material.  See the link below to download "make it yourself" instructions.

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