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Teamwork Game: Trolleys with Duct Tape

Duct Tape is one of my favorite all purpose tools.  You can fix nearly anything with it AND you can lead lots of fun teambuilding games with it!

Here's a teambuilding game called "Trolleys" that is normally done using two long wooden boards.  The team stands on the boards and then each team member holds onto a rope attached to the board.  Wooden Trolley's are fun to use but they are inconvenient to transport due to size and weight.

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Karen Harvey

Hi Tom!
I love this idea with the duct tape! I have used the long wooden boards to conduct this Trolley exercise and have been trying to think of alternative! THANK YOU! I love your tips!


Hi Tom!
I can not download the instructions for the duct tape activity!!


Michael Cardus

This is a great and highly portable twist on a classic team building activity. A facilitators toolbox should always have some duct tape, and now a that Tom Heck has shown this variation. I can leave the large 10 foot 2 x 4 in my garage!
Thanks Tom


Hi Tom!

Since I´ve been call "the masking tape trainer"... I was wondering how to travel with "the boards" through US customs!! So, Thanks sooo much for the tip... Now I´ll print a t-shirt with my nick name!!


I LOVE this idea! It is wonderful and Duct Tape is sooooooo much easier to transport than wood!

Karen Handley

I'd love to learn how to do this activity, but I am not able to open the link. Any suggestions?

Tom Heck

Hi Karen -- Tom Heck answering your question about "opening a link". There are no written instructions yet for this game. Make sure you sign up for my free teambuilding ideas e-newsletter (look in the right hand column of this site for the form). All newsletter subscribers will receive free instructions to this activity. Tom

Karen Marlett

I am subscribed to your newsletter, have the latest version of Adobe and could not download the free team building exercises. What to do?


Answering Karen's question above - - I've yet to upload a set of lead-it-yourself instructions for this game so there is nothing to download for this particular activity. If you have questions beyond this feel free to email me. Tom Heck

Gary Malicki

Hello Tom
Just saw the duct tape trolley idea...Fabulous. Next week I'll be hosting a Youth Leader Training Weekend with 9 of our 2nd year Scouts after a year of leadership training. I'll be using this one. Thanks!

Zenobia rustomfram

Dear Tom,

This was indeed a great idea and gives us greater scope to conduct the trolley activity at locales other than ours without having to cart the wooden boards

Paresh Srivastav

Thanks, it is nice idea.


Paula Marcondes

Dear Tom,

I love the versatility of the activity. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

Best regards,

Sarah hunter

This is such a great website - i always feel energised and creative after visiting. Thank you


Wow, what a good idea, simple to set up but powerful learning moments.

I am going to use this in my next teambuilding session


I'm going to try this with our scout group. May also try it blindfold to see if it makes a difference!
Could also try it as a boat war game - each has a pillow and the "boats" come alongside each other and bash the other boat...


I have done this before using wooden plank. It's so cumbersome and you can't do it if you have to bring the group overseas. Now, I can do this anywhere. Thanks for the great idea.


This is a great idea. I think I'll try it for my next teambuilding workshop. I'm having a problem downloading the instructions. HELP!!!!


hi to!
thank you so much for the great ideas.... more power and God bless

Sarah W

Great alternative to wooden props. Thank you!


This idea sounds like a great teambuilding excercise, however I can not get the instructions for this activity. Help please!

Hi Angie -- It's Tom Heck, Head Coach at All subscribers to my free teambuilding ideas e-newsletter will receive the full writeup for this teambuilding game via email for free. Keep an eye out for it. I send new write-ups every week or two. If you don't want to wait, you can get instant access to my entire online library of teambuilding game write-ups when you purchase the 3-CD bundle of teambuilding games at
Or click on the "Products" tab at the top of this page and then select "CDs".

Jaime Espejon

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this teamwork game to me. I'll use it on my young people on tuesday.

Mohd Roslan

It's great, Tom! Can't wait to try it out on my next project coming up.


Creative!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Great Idea! If that was not said enough. I really treasure these ideas from you as I am in Cohesion Building Programme and yes, props are the number 1 enemy to making an event successful. Your ideas are really inspiring. I'd love to share some ideas of my own to you. I'm glad i was introduced to this by a friend. You're brilliant, Tom.


Great idea - however, we tried this, but with larger teams (>3 people) the tape kept tearing. So if you try this, bring a lot of extra tape.

Tom Heck responding - - It's important to buy high quality, strong, thick (expensive) duct tape for this game. Using cheap, thin, easy to tear duct tape results in lots of broken duct tape (no fun).

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