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Teamwork Ideas Newsletter: April 16, 2007

Tomheck100It's Tom Heck with your April 16, 2007 edition of the Teamwork Ideas e-Newsletter.

On Thursday this week I'm leading a TeleSeminar on "extending team boundaries" and I've had several people writing in asking questions about this topic.  One person who works in a public school understood how extending boundaries works in the for profit arena but wanted to know if it's possible to extend boundaries in a school setting.  The answer is a resounding YES and the results are amazing when the school community (teachers, administrators, support staff, students, parents, community members, etc.)  learn the value of extending one's boundaries.  It will literally transform the school.

Look for a post later this week where I'll be sharing an audio interview with a company president who extended boundaries organizationally and reaped the rewards.

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach

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