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Throw out your TV and start making room in your life for the important things

Two years ago we got rid of our TV so we could make room in our lives for more important things.  The average person watches approximately 35 hours of TV each week - - that's nearly a full time job just watching TV!

What would you do with an extra 35 hours each week?

Some of the things we do with all the extra time:

  • Read books.
  • Listen to books on tape.
  • I built a Floating Arm Trebuchet with my son.  You can watch a video of us HERE launching golf balls 100 yards in a field.
  • Look at stuff in a microscope.
  • Read magazines.
  • Play Bocce Ball in our yard.
  • Create things.

I still rent a DVD now and then and watch it on my computer.  I love documentaries (have you seen "Riding Giants"?!).  And my son will watch a DVD once every week - - currently he's enjoying Johnny Quest and Bill Nye The Science Guy. 

A friend called a couple of days ago and he wants to make big changes in his life.  And yet, his life is so full that he doesn't have the bandwidth to create (or allow) those changes.  I suggested he get rid of his TV to create more room in his life for things that really matter and he said "What?!  I'm not going that far!"

Who and what you surround yourself with begins to define you.  Most TV is the equivalent of junk food.  Do yourself a favor and throw out your TV.  And if you have to get your TV fix then watch amazing and empowering stuff like the TED presentations


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