Team Exercise: Stilts River
Teamwork Ideas Newsletter: April 16, 2007

Toobeez Teambuilding Game: Robot Writer

This is a Toobeez teambuilding game.  Toobeez were oginally designed as a giant construction toy for children but it turns out they are perfect for leading over 25 teambuilding games with children or adults.

Use a set of Toobeez to build a Robot Writer and then stick a magic marker in the center of the hub.  Tape a piece of paper on the ground and ask the group to draw a message on the paper using the Robot Writer.

Debriefing / Processing topics to discuss:  What is the message we are sending (communicating) as a team? 

Would you like to lead this teambuilding game with your group?

Follow the link below to read detailed directions on how to lead this teamwork exercise which include:

  • Setup & Preparation
  • Rules
  • Comments and insights about the teambuilding game
  • Debriefing suggestions
  • Variations
  • Detailed "how to make it" if props are involved

CLICK HERE to read complete lead-it-yourself instructions.  You will be taken to a password protected "Member Only Area".  Membership is free with your subscription to the free e-newsletter. 

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