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Audio Interview with Dr. Haydn Hasty on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Leaders in the field of team and leadership development know the difference between a marginal leader and a great leader is often boiled down to one thing:  Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Most have heard of IQ and too many people believe that a leader with a high IQ is what's going to save your team.  Not even close.

IQ won't save you.

EQ will.

What is the difference between IQ and EQ?

Dr_haydn_hasty_2 Dr. Haydn Hasty is President of MindSpring Consulting and is an expert in the area of Emotional Intelligence and teamwork. 

I've seen Dr Hasty in action.  He's a gifted trainer who can transform an individual or a team in a matter of moments.

In this audio interview you'll hear Dr. Hasty describe how he uses an EQ assessment when working with a team.

CLICK HERE to listen to this audio interview.  You will be taken to a password protected "Members Only Area".  Membership is free with your subscription to the free e-newsletter. 

Details about the Members Only Area HERE.


Dr. Hasty has just published a fantastic 8 CD training set entitled "Mind, Intention, and Outcomes."  CLICK HERE to learn more.


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