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Building a team with smart people -- using an I.Q. test

Imagine building a team with really smart people. 

You can make sure everyone on the team is smart by making high IQ scores a requirement.

Do you think this team would be successful?

If you said yes, think again.

Daniel Goleman, author of the NY Times best seller "Emotional Intelligence" reports HERE that...

IQ is a mirage when it comes to how someone actually will perform on any given job. It tells you nothing about that person’s drive or self-mastery, their ability to collaborate or empathize, let alone their ethics.

...a summary of data on the trivial value of IQ as a predictor of job performance, (is) a dirty little secret that has been well-known within psychology for decades.

So what predicts how well someone will actually do (on the job)?  IQ scores are not on the list. 

I found a system that does predict performance HERE


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