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Teamwork Ideas Newsletter: May 15, 2007

Tomheck100It's Tom Heck with your May 15, 2007 edition of the Teamwork Ideas e-Newsletter.

I'm all packed up and leaving on a 5-day adventure with my eight year old son.  We're going sailing on the coast of North Carolina.  This is going to be a special treat because my younger brother will be joining us (he lives in Colorado).  We'll be camping out and sailing our Hobie-cat and watching beautiful sunsets. 

I mention this trip because this is what life is all about:  being of service AND being with the ones I love.  Through my website I'm able to help people around the world and still have a life that allows me to enjoy time with my family and friends. 

We truly live in an abundant world full of opportunities.  One of the ways I remind myself of this truth is through the weekly podcast of Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape. Listening to Michael puts a smile on my face.

Tom Heck
Teamwork Coach

New Teambuilding Games

New Audio Interview 

The Power of Connection -- An audio interview with best selling author Dr. Edward Hallowell.  Our culture and our teams are focused on achievement. But it's not our accomplishments that sustain us either individually or as a team. Listen to Dr. Hallowell share the secrets to what sustains us as individuals and as teams.  CLICK HERE to listen to the audio.

Recording of "Raise Your Team Standards" TeleSeminar

On May 3, 2007 I led a free TeleSeminar on how to raise your team standards.  150 people registered for the class and I recorded it.  If you missed the class you can now access the recording for free along with the class outline HERE.

New Teamwork T-Shirt

Tshirt_blue_2 Are you looking for a way to communicate the benefits of teamwork in a fun and unique way? Take a look at our NEW t-shirt design.  These shirts are hot off the printing press and ready to ship.  CLICK HERE

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