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We Are Smarter Than Me - - business book written by a community using a wiki

Dan Pink's blog informs us that...

A group of folks at Wharton, Pearson, MIT, and Shared Insights have launched what aims to the world's first networked business book.

The venture, chirpily called We Are Smarter Than Me, will combine wiki techology and thousands of people around the world to create a management guide for a Web 2.0 world.

As the organizers explain, "Since the beginning of publishing, books have been written by individuals or by small groups of people (experts). This has even applied to recent books that describe the power of community intelligence. We Are Smarter Than Me will test this paradox, and determine whether a community of authors can write a compelling book better than individual experts."

You can sign up to help write the book HERE.

Dan Pink is the author of "A Whole New Mind -- Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future".  Listen to the audio interview I did with Dan HERE.


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