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Teamwork Ideas Newsletter: June 4, 2007

My May sailing and camping trip with my 8 year old son and brother

I took my 8 year old son Joseph on a big sailing and camping adventure to the Outer Banks of North Carolina May 16 - 20. 

On the drive to the coast we stopped at the airport in Raleigh, NC to pick up my brother Brian who flew in from Colorado.

It was a long drive (12 hours) but it was worth it.  We had great camping weather (other than the driving rain one night) and great sailing weather.

We pulled our Hobie Wave down on the trailer and as always, that little sail boat performed great (see photo below).

We did have one day of super strong winds - - blowing 20 knots and gusting to 26 knots.  The windsurfers and kiteboarders were loving it but that was too much wind for us so we went for a hike up the famous Cape Haterras light house  and road the ferry to Ocracoke.

Our longest sail was 4 hours and we found "bird island" 5 miles out into the Pamlico Sound. There were large gulls nesting on this island, most of the nests had 1-3 eggs but a couple had some small chicks (see photo below).

I'm really grateful for fun adventures with my family. 

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Photos of our trip.  Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge:

Camp Hobie_wave Eggs_in_nest Brian_and_tom Lighthouse Sunset



Wow! It really pays to be "thrifty" so we can enjoy the luxury of life - that is to enjoy life as if problems are never in existence. By the way, its been a while since this post, I'm sure you are still doing the same "vacation" up to now.

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