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Ask The Teamwork Coach: Should a manager new to the team lead an icebreaker in an attempt to address the low trust?

Teamwork Exercise: Key Punch

I like to use the Key Punch Teambuilding Game to address issues of continuous improvement.

In this activity the group is charged with touching all 30 numbered spots as fast as they can.  The team is given five attempts and must complete all attempts within a 30 minute window.  The team is penalized when a number is touched out of order and if the team sends more than one person inside the rope boundary.

I knew of this activity for many years but never led it because I didn't get it.  One day I witnessed a facilitator friend lead this and I've loved this teamwork exercise ever since.  I hope the video helps you get it.

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Georgina Terry


Thank you so much for uploading the video of the game. I read the brief, but the video was the icing on the cake!

Looking forward to using this as one of the games for the team building event I am facilitating on Friday.

Live YOUR Passion



I wasn't sure I got it until I watched the video. That made all the difference. Thanks for the help.

Jennifer Sneeden, Boca Raton Therapist

This is perfect. I too have heard of this game for years but never understood how it works until I watched this. Now I see why it's such a powerful team building tool.

Sushil Bhasin

Dear Tom,
I have been doing this activity for over 4 years now, and innovated a few new versions. This can be a brilliant goal setting activity and also when we want to bring out the importance of looking beyond our departments at the bigger picture - the organisational goals. I also get an excellent lesson from this and that is, can you identify the 'critical success factor' in a task.
I can share some pics and videos of this activity.
Best wishes

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