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TeleSeminar: Introduction to the Law of Attraction for Trainers and Facilitators with Michael Losier

A powerful force is at work in your life right now called the Law of Attraction.

At this very moment it's attracting people, customers, situations and relationships into your life.

The problem is, not all of those things are the way you want.

But there's a straightforward way to change that. So, if you're ready to take the next step, join this interactive high-content FREE training TeleSeminar and expect to learn GREAT tools and information on how to tap into Law of Attraction deliberately -- the art of Deliberate Attraction.

Law of Attraction for trainers, facilitators, coaches, and workshop leaders.

Michael_losier There's a science to doing it and Michael Losier provides you with a simple formula to use. Although the formula is simple and easy to understand, in order to use it most effectively you need to understand the principles that lie behind the Law of Attraction.

You know about the powerful movie (DVD) entitled The Secret.  And if you're like many people you're left asking "But how do I DO The Secret?"  People want a step-by-step action plan.  This is where Michael is absolutely brilliant.

Michael has trained thousands how to use the Law of Attraction using his simple yet powerful system.

What makes Michael such an effective trainer?  It starts with how he applies his knowledge of the Law of Attraction.  He is also a master of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) which means Michael truly "gets" what it takes to create long term change in a short time frame.  And to top it off, Michael is a seasoned TeleSeminar leader.

This FREE TeleSeminar is for you if you are a trainer, facilitator, workshop leader, coach, or educator who wants to create and deliver presentations with ease and grace. 

This TeleSeminar was held live on July 12, 2007 and 177 people from around the world registered for this event.  Click on the link below to listen to this 60 minute recording.

Download Michael_Losier_LOA_intro_071207_sm.mp3

Buy the book!


Baran Samandi

It is very surprising , thanks

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