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TeleSeminar: Law of Attraction ADVANCED for Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches with Michael Losier

Oprah0508Oprah called.

That was the message received by Michael Losier the "how to guy" of Law Of Attraction.

 Oprah asked Michael to share his insight on the Law Of Attraction.  Michael has now appeared on her radio program four times to discuss the Law Of Attraction and more appearances are forthcoming.

Michael is a world-renowned expert on the practical application of the Law Of Attraction and is the author of a best selling book on the subject.

Michael_losierMichael led a free live TeleSeminar on the Law Of Attraction for 177 members of the IATF community (trainers, facilitators and coaches) on July 12 2007. You can listen to it HERE. 

The response to that free TeleSeminar was amazing.  I’ve received calls and emails from around the world saying the same thing - - “That was awesome.  We want more!”

Good news!  Michael agreed to lead an ADVANCED Law Of Attraction TeleSeminar for trainers, facilitators and coaches.  Get access to the recording of this program now (see below).

Get answers to these questions…

  • Use contrast (i.e. negative experiences) to help you get what you REALLY want.
  • Understand what your “Vibrational Bubble” is and what should be included in it.
  • Know how to use three specific tools that will increase your ability to “allow”.

And much, much more!

This TeleSeminar is for Teamwork Facilitators, trainers, and coaches so you’ll hear lots of practical strategies for how you can put the Law Of Attraction to work with groups of people. 

Imagine the possibilities!

How would your TEAM be different if you knew how to help them harness the Law Of Attraction?

This TeleSeminar was recorded!  When you purchase this recording you'll be provided with a username and password so you can enter the Student Only Area for this class.

The Student Only Area contains four 1-hour recordings:

  1. Advanced Class # 1
  2. Advanced Class # 2
  3. Q&A Session With Michael
  4. Bonus Session With Michael


NOTICE:  Access to the recording and class notes for this program are only available to members of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.  Become a member and get instant access to this resource (and more) for free!  CLICK HERE to learn more.


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