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The Italian Connection and the Hole Tarp Teambuilding Game

I received an email today from Jacopa Nicelli who lives in Italy.  Jacopa employs experiential learning exercises from in his training events.

My friend Dr. Jim Cain from the USA (he coauthored Teambuilding Puzzles with me) was in Italy not long ago and Jim taught a group of trainers the Hole Tarp Teambuilding Game from

Jacopa and Jim got to talking and discovered the connection between Jim and myself.

Notice how Jim has different size holes in the tarp.  My directions suggest making all five holes the same size.  I do like the variation of placing different size holes because you can place different size balls on the tarp simultaneously (example: tennis ball and marble) - - the larger ball won't fall through all the holes but the small ball will.  Have you ever encountered a problem (hole) that seems bigger than other problems?



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