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New movie "The Shift" points to a need for team consciousness

As someone who understands the importance of teamwork you need to know about the new movie entitled "The Shift".

Since the beginning, my intention with was to help create a global shift to win-win (team) consciousness.

Is it possible our collective work to bring about win-win consciousness is part of the larger picture described in this new movie?

From the movie's website:

A massive worldwide phenomenon is in progress offering seeds of great hope for the future.

Millions of individuals, organizations and corporations around the world are waking up and embracing a new outlook with an emphasis on their responsibility to contribute positively to our collective future.

We are in the middle of the biggest social transformation in human history, The SHIFT.

In the movie preview you'll see US Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich mention the need for a "Department of Peace".  If we're going to have a Department of Defense then we absolutely need a Department of Peace!  Thank you Mr. Kucinich. 

Teambuilding Game: Bandana Puzzle

This is a teambuilding game for a group of people and yet it was created with a puzzle meant to be used by one person.

The small square puzzle (labyrinth) you see in the video (atop the bandanna) is something I found for one dollar at a toy store.  When you hold it in your hands you try to make a small steel ball travel through a course without the ball falling through any of the holes.  Place this simple puzzle atop a bandanna and prest-o change-o you have a challenge for a team of 6 to 8 people.

Do you have lots of people?  Buy lots of $1 puzzles and lots $1 bandannas and supply each small team with a set.

Would you like to lead this teambuilding game with your group?

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  • Variations
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TeleSeminar: 10 Virtual Teambuilding Games and Personal Growth Exercises You Can Lead In A Virtual Setting - - A highly interactive program for people who work with virtual teams.

Would you like to liven up your next Virtual Team meeting with teambuilding games and activities you can lead over a telephone conference line and the internet?

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Join this unique and innovative call and discover how simple exercises you lead over the phone and internet can create connections and breakthroughs for the Virtual Teams and leaders you serve. 

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This class was held live on August 30, 2007 and the call was recorded.  The 1 hour 45 minute recording (mp3 file) and all of the class notes can be found in the "Student Only Area" for this call. 

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Title of This Special TeleSeminar:

10 Virtual Teambuilding Games and Personal Growth Exercises You Can Lead  - - A highly interactive program for people who work with virtual teams.

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  • 105 minute recording of a LIVE and interactive TeleSeminar with experienced TeleSeminar leader and Teamwork Coach Tom Heck.
  • Complete and detailed instructions on how to lead the experiential learning exercises.
  • License to lead the activities with the groups you serve.

Who Should Attend:

Managers, Facilitators, Coaches - - Anyone who works with Virtual Teams and wants to help them develop their team skills in a fun and engaging way.

Registration Fee: $97

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Teamwork Vital to Millennials

The Times Union published an article describing strategies for managing Millennials (people born 1982-2005).  Teamwork is VERY important to Millennials.

Consider assigning tasks to teams or groups of people and evaluate the outcome of the entire team rather than evaluating the individual. Being able to work on a team is valuable to the collaborative Millennial who wishes to learn from others but also have an opportunity to offer new ideas in a friendly environment.

Read the entire article HERE.

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TeleSeminar -- Teamwork Coach Tom Heck is the guest on the International Coach Federation Special Interest Group Call for Monday August 20, 2007

How would your coaching, speaking and training business be different if you had access to 29,000 people whenever you wanted?

Would you like to engage your next audience like never before?

On August 20, 2007 Tom Heck the Teamwork Coach was the guest speaker on the International Coach Federation's Special Interest Group call for coaches who speak and train. 

This TeleSeminar was recorded and you can listen now:

  • 4 key strategies Tom uses to build his large newsletter subscriber base
  • How Tom has leveraged the web to train coaches and facilitators in 103 countries.
  • Learn how Tom used the contrast of the 9/11 tragedy to catapult him from near obscurity of delivering one-off small group teambuilding workshops to training thousands of people worldwide. 
  • Tom will also share two of his all time favorite teambuilding games that work with a wide variety of groups and training situations. 

The host of this event wrote me after the call to say:

As we predicted, that was a SUPER call – thank you very much! It was every bit as targeted and useful for our coaches as I knew it would be!

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