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Teambuilding Game: Bandana Puzzle

This is a teambuilding game for a group of people and yet it was created with a puzzle meant to be used by one person.

The small square puzzle (labyrinth) you see in the video (atop the bandanna) is something I found for one dollar at a toy store.  When you hold it in your hands you try to make a small steel ball travel through a course without the ball falling through any of the holes.  Place this simple puzzle atop a bandanna and prest-o change-o you have a challenge for a team of 6 to 8 people.

Do you have lots of people?  Buy lots of $1 puzzles and lots $1 bandannas and supply each small team with a set.

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I really like the idea of this game. It's so important that communication is focused on within a teambuilding experience rather than just sending staff on a recreational activity like bungee jumping or the like. I recently took my staff on a teambuilding excercise that involved them creating a song in a recording studio ( it was both fun and effective. As I imagine the elements of this game to be.

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