Teamwork Vital to Millennials
Teambuilding Game: Bandana Puzzle

TeleSeminar: 10 Virtual Teambuilding Games and Personal Growth Exercises You Can Lead In A Virtual Setting - - A highly interactive program for people who work with virtual teams.

Would you like to liven up your next Virtual Team meeting with teambuilding games and activities you can lead over a telephone conference line and the internet?

Imagine helping your Virtual Team learn the skills necessary to go from good to great in a fun way - - and do this from a distance.

What if you could engage your one-on-one leadership coaching client at the other end of a phone line like never before?

You’ll learn how in this highly interactive TeleSeminar.

It’s amazingly easy to lead teambuilding games with your Virtual Team; this TeleSeminar will offer you some great insights into how to do this effectively.

What’s more, this TeleSeminar is experiential - - you’ll learn by doing!

Join this unique and innovative call and discover how simple exercises you lead over the phone and internet can create connections and breakthroughs for the Virtual Teams and leaders you serve. 

You’ll learn strategies, tactics and tools I use to affect change around the world using the phone and internet.

Best of all, I’m going to provide you with everything you need (images, activity write ups, step-by-step plans) to lead these activities yourself.  I’ll even tell you my secrets for using the technology (it’s easier than you think).

This class was held live on August 30, 2007 and the call was recorded.  The 1 hour 45 minute recording (mp3 file) and all of the class notes can be found in the "Student Only Area" for this call. 

Here are the details:

Title of This Special TeleSeminar:

10 Virtual Teambuilding Games and Personal Growth Exercises You Can Lead  - - A highly interactive program for people who work with virtual teams.

What You Get:

  • 105 minute recording of a LIVE and interactive TeleSeminar with experienced TeleSeminar leader and Teamwork Coach Tom Heck.
  • Complete and detailed instructions on how to lead the experiential learning exercises.
  • License to lead the activities with the groups you serve.

Who Should Attend:

Managers, Facilitators, Coaches - - Anyone who works with Virtual Teams and wants to help them develop their team skills in a fun and engaging way.

Registration Fee: $97

NOTICE:  Access to the recording and class notes for this program are only available to members of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.  Become a member and get instant access to this resource and much more!  CLICK HERE to learn more.


Fernando Celis

This was another eye opener with Tom, I got SO much from this session, not only about managing the activities which is a powerful tool, but conducting the KEY questions that bring the INSIGHT on seeing things at different perspectives, its the AHA that really gets the fire going. I use these activities here in Latin America in spanish for managers and professionals in companies such as AVON, Tupperware, Toyota and Novartis to name a few and people really get empowered and pumped up. Thanks again Tom, pura vida!

Caroline Blackwell, Nashville,TN

Tom is absolutely dedicated to helping coaches, trainers, and facilitators understand and lead team-building activities competently, creatively, and compassionately. He's continually scanning the environment for innovative ways to use, apply, and lead teambuilding concepts and initiatives. His seminar on facilitating team activities virtually, is a case in point.
I look forward to Tom's classes because they deliver on every promise--and more! Thank you Tom for leading and teaching--by example.

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