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NEW TeleSeminar: How To Teach ‘Law Of Attraction’ Principles With Experiential Games - - 7 easy to lead activities that teach lessons of abundance and possibility thinking

Are you a fan of the movie “The Secret” like I am?

Did you share this movie with your friends and family like I did?

The_secret And yet…

Were you reluctant to share this powerful movie about the Law Of Attraction with your business contacts and the business teams you serve for fear of looking like one of those pie-in-the-sky Oprah-loving New Agers and maybe losing some credibility?

That was me too!

And yet I knew this information was way too important to allow my ego (fear-based self) to stop the flow.

The question became…

How do I teach the principles of Law Of Attraction (same as “The Secret”) to business groups in a way that STRENGTHENS my teamwork message?

Let’s face it, there are lots of people who don’t want to hear about The Secret or the Law Of Attraction.  To them, talking about this stuff is akin to saying Mount Everest is made of chocolate cake (i.e. they’ll be thinking you’re nuts). 

But there IS a way to teach Law Of Attraction principles that creates a powerful opening for possibility and discussion.

Teach Law Of Attraction principles using experiential games.

Using easy to lead experiential learning activities you can teach Law Of Attraction principles in a way that allows the participants to EXPERIENCE the lesson, allowing you to simply facilitate the learning.

Because you’re using the activities as the learning channel, the participants are the ones sharing their experiences, their insights, and their truth.

Teaching through an experiential learning activity is very different than coming in and acting like the all-knowing expert.

Teaching experientially is powerful stuff.  It’s very heart-centered work.

And perhaps best of all, if you’re working with a business / non-spiritual group, you don’t even have to mention “Law Of Attraction”.  The lesson will still get through.

In this TeleSeminar, I’ll teach you 7 exercises, all of which you can use to teach Law Of Attraction principles.  I’ll share insights and experiences gained from leading these same activities with real groups.  There will be new insights and new ideas shared because of who this class will attract.

I’m going to provide you with everything you need to lead these activities yourself.


I know some are new to the Law Of Attraction which is why I’m offering everyone who registers FREE access to one of the best TeleSeminars I’ve ever hosted - - it’s called “Law Of Attraction ADVANCED for Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches with Michael Losier

Michael_losier Losier is a recognized expert teacher of the Law Of Attraction and is the author of a best-selling book on the topic.  He has appeared on Oprah’s radio program four times to share his insights on this topic.

With this free bonus you’ll be able to immediately access the recording of this informative 3-session Law Of Attraction TeleSeminar Michael Losier led for the community.  This is a $79 value you get for FREE when you sign up now. 

You’re getting two TeleSeminars for the price of one.

What You Get:

  • 100-minute recording (mp3 format) of the LIVE and interactive TeleSeminar led by experienced TeleSeminar leader and Teamwork Coach Tom Heck.
  • Complete and detailed instructions on how to lead the experiential learning exercises.
  • License to lead the activities with the groups you serve.
  • Special Bonus:  Immediate access to the recording and class notes for “Law Of Attraction ADVANCED for Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches with Michael Losier”

Who Will Benefit From This Recording:

Teamwork Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Educators - - Anyone who wants to teach principles of Law Of Attraction in a fun and engaging way without necessarily having to mention “Law Of Attraction”

Registration Fee: $79

NOTICE:  Access to the recording and class notes for this program are only available to members of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.  Become a member and get instant access to this resource and much more!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Saltwater As Fuel - A US inventor may have discovered the answer to global energy wars

Inventor John Kanzius was looking for a cure for cancer and accidentally found a way to produce energy by burning saltwater.  He uses a radio frequency generator to release the hydrogen and oxygen in the saltwater to produce an intense flame.  Watch the video below.

The implications of this discovery are earth shattering - - or should I say earth saving.

Imagine a time in the near future when we fill up our cars with saltwater instead of gasoline.  Imagine all of the ecological disasters that could be avoided (no more super tankers filled with oil). 

How would the policies of the US change in the middle east?  How many wars would be avoided if gasoline was replaced by saltwater?

This invention by Kanzius reminds me of economist, entrepreneur and professor Paul Zane Pilzer wrote a book entitled "Unlimited Wealth - The Theory And Practice Of Economic Alchemy".  Pilzer suggests that because of technology, we have an unlimited number of resources. From the book:

For the past four hundred years, virtually all practitioners of the dismal science we call economics have agreed on one basic premise: namely that a society's wealth is determined by its supply of physical resources--its land, labor, minerals, water, and so on.  And underlying this premise has been another, even more profound, assumption--one supposedly so obvious that it is rarely mentioned: namely, that the entire world contains a limited amount of these physical resources.

This means, from an economic point of view, that life is what the mathematicians call a zero-sum game.  After all, if there are only limited resources, one person's gain must be another person's loss; the richer one person is, the poorer his neighbors must be.

Over the centuries, this view of the world has been responsible for innumerable wars, revolutions, political movements, government policies, business strategies, and possibly a religion or two.

Once upon a time, it may even have been true.  But not anymore.