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Ask The Teamwork Coach: How do you handle someone who is being obnoxious?

When you work with a team (on a team) you are going to encounter behavior that is less then ideal.  Knowing this in advance allows the team to create a set of operating principles (rules of engagement) that #1) sets the tone or standard of behavior and #2) let's the team know what's expected when something undesired happens.

How then do you handle a team member who is being obnoxious?

If your team has no predetermined course of action, no expectations, then you might try to ignore the behavior or the person all together.

However, if the expectation is to hold team members accountable then you would address the behavior.

Daniel Goleman is the author of the NY Times best sellers "Emotional Intelligence" and "Social Intelligence" and he offers some valuable insights on how to handle obnoxious behavior HERE.


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