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Teamwork is everywhere - - even among plants!

Science Daily reports on new research which reveals that plants have their own chat systems that they can use to warn each other.

...plants cannot be considered boring and passive organisms that just stand there waiting to be cut off or eaten up. Many plants form internal communications networks and are able to exchange information efficiently.

Many herbal plants form networks via runners between plants which allow the plants to communicate with each other.

But what do plants want to chat to each other about?

...clover plants warn each other via the network links if enemies are nearby. If one of the plants is attacked by caterpillars, the other members of the network are warned via an internal signal. Once warned, the intact plants strengthen their chemical and mechanical resistance so that they are less attractive for advancing caterpillars.

Thanks to this early warning system, the plants can stay one step ahead of their attackers. Experimental research has revealed that this significantly limits the damage to the plants.

Read the complete Science Daily article HERE.

What is the lesson for your team?  Strengthen your communication systems!  Pay attention to how you communicate and do everything you can to grow in this area.

The "Certified Communicator Program" is a fantastic tool you can use to help guide you and your team to grow and strengthen your communication skills. 

There are 100 points to the Certified Communicator Program and it focuses on the following 10 key areas:

  1. How well do you come across? - - These are how others would likely describe your communication style
  2. How well do you listen? - - How well do you hear what is being said, and not said?
  3. How well do you articulate? - - How well are you understood?
  4. What do you converse about? - - What do you focus on and talk about with others?
  5. How well do you converse? - - How often do you have fluid, two-way conversations?
  6. How authentic do you sound? - - How real are you and how real do you sound?
  7. How big are you? - - How flexible, respectful and generous are you?
  8. How mature are you? - - What does your communication style tell others about you?
  9. How free are you of communication blocks? - - What's holding back your effectiveness as a communicator?
  10. How effective are you? - - How good are you at producing results?

The Certified Communicator Program is a free resource to all enrolled in the Emerging Leaders Coaching Program. 


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