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Audio Interview with Kevin Eikenberry, author of "Remarkable Leadership - Unleashing Your Potential One Skill at a Time"

Kevin_eikenberry_2Kevin Ekenberry is an expert in helping organizations, teams and individuals reach their potential.  He is the author of Remarkable Leadership - Unleashing Your Potential One Skill at a Time and is a contributing author to over 20 other books.

Kevin's impact on the field of team and leadership development is extensive havingRemarkable_leadership_2 worked with Fortune 500 companies, smaller firms, universities, hospitals, and government agencies.

Kevin believes that extraordinary potential exists in each of us and this philosophy allows him to help clients bring that potential to reality.

In this audio interview we discuss the thirteen core competencies that define a remarkable leader.  We pay special attention to life-long learning, the core competency that Kevin says is the overarching competency that will make you a truly remarkable leader.

Click on the play button below to listen to this 34 minute interview.


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