Top 10 Mistakes in Using Focus Groups
IATF Teamwork & Leadership Ideas Newsletter: Fall 2007

Language of the Leader -- 8 practical language principles for anyone who wants to play a bigger game

Leaders use language differently.  Leaders know the words they speak (or think) become things.  Words are powerful.

Christine Kane's writes a great post at her blog where she shares 8 practical tips for anyone choosing to use language more consciously.  Anyone who wants to be a powerful leader will pay attention.

Here's a couple of Christine's tips:

  1. Eliminate "never" and "always"
  2. Use "and" instead of "but"
  3. Avoid "should"

I left a message at Christine's blog on this post and thought you might benefit from it here:

We (my wife and I) have two children (ages 4 and 8) and all of us work on using language consciously.  Changing things like "I don't know" to "I choose to know".  And here's one I learned from the works of St. Francis of Assisi - - changing "I feel sick" to "My body feels sick".  St. Francis making the distinction that I am not my body.  My body is a temporary vessel for my soul but my body is not me.

About the power of words and what we see in them (experience in them) - - try this one:


How many will see this:  Opportunity Is No Where

Or, perhaps more importantly, how many will see this:  Opportunity is Now Here

It's the same combination of letters.  The all powerful variable is the person viewing the letters.  A subtle all important shift that will decide how you experience your day, your life.

Participants in the my Emerging Leaders Coaching Program become skilled at using language consciously.  It's amazing to see the shifts that can occur in people's lives when they become aware of the link between the language they use and what they experience.

Christine is an awesome singer, songwriter, and musician.  Here's one of my favorite songs entitled "Right Outta Nowhere"


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