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Teambuilding Game: Tennis Ball Madness

The Tennis Ball Madness teamwork activity is easy to lead and yet such a wonderful activity to teach the power of win-win thinking (collaboration).

As you'll see in the video, this teambuilding exercise starts with multiple small teams reading their own set of written directions.  All sets of directions are exactly the same (click on the link below to download a set of detailed directions).  Essentially the directions say your team wins when all the objects are in your container.

99.9% of every team I work with starts off trying to win the game by thinking only of winning as a small team.  It usually takes exhaustion before the small teams begin to consider ways to collaborate.  There IS a solution that allows all to win.

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Karen Koehn

I can not download this teambuilding game: Tennis Ball Madness!! Help!!

Pat Brown

The link to Tennis Ball Madness did not work.

Anne Pritchard

I'd love to download the tennis ball activity but am not able to access the link. Thank you!


Hi Anne -- The full lead-it-yourself write-up of the this game is available at the IATF members only website:
If you're not yet a member of the IATF you can join here:

A. Mart

I have tried joining and the form won't allow me to. Urgh!

Tom Heck

Hi A.Mart -- I suspect you're not uploading a photo when you fill out the form. You MUST upload an image. You can use an image (photo) of yourself or you can use an image of a flower or super hero or... you get the idea. Please contact our Support Team if you have any other problems (link at top of page). Tom


Hi I am a member, and can't view video either.

Tom Heck

Hi All -- I just fixed the video link. For some reason YouTube made a change and it didn't work. Now all should be working correctly. Tom

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