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IATF Teamwork & Leadership Ideas Newsletter: Fall 2007

Tom_and_joseph_2 Hello!  I'm Tom Heck, President & Founder of the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators and here is your Fall 2007 edition of the IATF Teamwork & Leadership Ideas e-Newsletter.

Five years ago I was inspired to launch the IATF which represented my response to the events of 9-11.  That day helped me realize I needed to step up and play a bigger game.  At the time I was leading lots of workshops and 9-11 was the whack on the side of the head that caused me to look for ways to support the work of teamwork facilitators worldwide.

I had next to no experience using the internet to teach and disseminate ideas and when I launched the site I had two subscribers to my e-newsletter (my wife was the second subscriber).  My passion to make a big difference is what kept me going.  Now we have 31,579 subscribers from 103 countries.

This continues to be an amazing and delightful journey and one that's required a lot of growth on my part.

Though I love sharing strategies and tools for leading teambuilding games through the IATF, there is a secret truth that hovers in the background and that is - - what you ultimately teach is who you are.  There is no escaping this truth.  No matter how cool, new, or different the teambuilding strategy you're attempting to employ is, the underlying core message you're imparting on your group is who you are - - your values, beliefs and personal standards, your way of being in this world. 

For example, if you believe the world is a dangerous place filled with people who will "get you" if you slip up (i.e. victim mentality) then this is what the group will ultimately learn from you -- you'll end up perpetuating fear.  On the other hand, if you believe and operate from a place of love and abundance then this is the real lesson your groups will learn from you.

This means THE most important investment you'll ever make as a leader, trainer, facilitator, educator, coach is to "upgrade" who you are by investing in your own personal development on a consistent basis.  As you grow, so will your ability to touch the lives of the people you serve.  As you grow, so will the groups you serve.  There is a direct correlation.

If you acknowledge this truth and you want to profoundly help the people you serve, there is only one question I have for you...

What are you doing on a consistent basis to invest in your personal development?

I've got some exciting news to share on this subject...

We've recently developed the most comprehensive and affordable  leadership and personal development program ever devised for teamwork facilitators...

It's called the Leader As Coach Fast Track Program.  This is a 10-week distance learning program delivered live via telephone conference calls and the web.

Tom Heck
President & Founder
International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

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