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Audio Interview with Kevin Eikenberry, author of "Remarkable Leadership - Unleashing Your Potential One Skill at a Time"

Tom Heck interviewed on the Leader's Playbook radio program -- the topic is Teamwork


I was interviewed recently by Dr. Relly Nadler for his Leaders Playbook radio program.  Dr. Nadler is the author of a great book on leadership called "The Leaders Playbook - How To Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys to Great Leadership"

This show is focused on Teamwork and Collaboration, one of the Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies in Relationship Management. How does a leader develop their team? How do you build team spirit? How do you get them involved in the team process and mission? How is trust important in teams and how do you generate it? What are ways to create an empowered team?

Click on the round play button below to listen to the 54 minute interview.


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