Teamwork, M.C. Escher, and Robot Hands
Processing the Teambuilding Activity - - Body Part Debrief

New Teambuilding Game and 2 great newsletters to recommend

Michellecummings My friend Michelle Cummings at is interviewed in Thiagi's newsletter.  Michelle is an expert facilitator and teacher of teamwork activities and is the author of several teambuilding games books.

CLICK HERE for the interview.

CLICK HERE for the great teambuilding game Michelle shares - - it's from her book "Playing With a Full Deck"

When you sign up for Michelle's newsletter she sends you 9 free teambuilding games from Playing With a Full Deck.

I also recommend Thiagi's free monthly newsletter.  Thiagi is a masterful teacher of games and how to use them in a training situation.  I always learn something new and valuable.  You can sign up HERE.  Look at the current issue and back issues of Thiagi's newsletter HERE.


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